Built upon Quill, rich-text-editor-for-react is a sleek rich text editor, endowed with over 25 toolbar options straight off the bat and eliminates the hassle of extra package installations. Customization of the user interface is a breeze, enabling you to tailor it to your project's specific needs.

Demo & CodeSandboxes

CodeSandbox - React
CodeSandbox - Next.js

Underlaying Technologies

Used Technologies


We are utilizing the popular JavaScript library Quill under the hood. However, you do not need to install Quill separately, as it is already integrated into and bundled with this library.

Material Design

For the UI, we are following Material Design.

Avoided Technologies


Our editor comes with a native feature for resizing images. It's worth noting that we don't rely on external libraries like quill-resize-image-module (opens in a new tab) or quill-resize-image (opens in a new tab) for this functionality. While we initially considered integrating these libraries, we identified a couple of limitations:

  • They employ 'px' units for image resizing, which results in non-responsive images.

  • Their resizing functionality is not compatible with touch screens, as they are designed to respond solely to mouse events.